Skinny Who?

This is the home of the World-Famous Skinny Bitch, the #1 New York Times Bestseller that sold over 2 million copies and helped propel the Vegan lifestyle into the consciousness of the modern world.

Our book was originally written to compare the vegan diet with the standard American diet, examining the effects that these different lifestyles have on body weight, energy, health and longevity.

It was an overnight success story! and we helped thousands of people understand the harm they were causing to their health and begin the transition to a newer, healthier vegan existence.



After the books had made such an impact we wanted to create something new, something to make going vegan even easier and something to help shake off the unwanted body weight even faster. We knew it had to be 100% natural, 100% vegan, and 100% guaranteed to work, for us to even be interested. But finding products that fit this mould was almost impossible!

We got lucky, we found a nutritionist who had been developing a small range of products that ticked off every box on our checklist. Now we had a supplement that helped the body accelerate its metabolism, and break down fat stores to reveal a slimmer, healthier you!

Together with one of the webs largest vegan recipe resources, the new Skinny Bitch Diet, can help you realize your own transformation.



The world just keeps getting sicker and the unfortunate truth is that for some companies this is just good business, a few extra dollars in the bank. But it doesn’t have to be this way what we choose to eat plays an enormous role in shaping our future. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that fast-food and sugary drinks don’t lead to Olympic glory, but you may not know that changing to a plant based diet can help you lose weight, gain energy, live longer and significantly reduce the chances of disease.

We want a healthier you and a healthier world!


About Kim

Hi, I'm Kim Barnouin, author of Skinny Bitch, as a former model who holds a Masters of Science degree in Nutrition, I've always been involved in health and fitness, and Skinny Bitch was one way of bringing this advice to as many women as possible. Health to me is about eating well, exercising often and leading a clean and responsible lifestyle. I truly believe that living a healthy lifestyle can empower you to achieve anything you want in life.

The problem that many of us face today is the quality of life and the quality of food we eat is deteriorating, and because of this diseases of lifestyle are becoming more and more common. 

This has led me on the path to explore different ways to keep our bodies fit and healthy. The best solution is not rocket science, it’s about healthy plant-based eating, regular exercise, and effective supplementation. Skinny Bitch includes hundreds of plant-based recipes that we’ve developed over the years to help you lose weight whilst boosting vitality. We are also developing an exercise program to help you thrive and achieve the body you want. 

We’ve just launched one of the highest quality slimming supplements in the world. I have been working with a colleague with over 50 years of experience in formulating supplements and through years of research together, we've selected powerful rare herbs, super-foods and pharmaceutical-grade enzymes which work in harmony to increase the effectiveness of the bodies ability to support slimming up to 3X faster, whilst also supporting overall physical and mental wellbeing. Think of it as the rocket fuel for your diet and exercise efforts. 

This website is the home of the new Skinny Bitch, a place to find good quality recipes, great exercise programs, and the new Skinny Bitch weight loss kit. Remember not all supplements are created equal.