Tom Kha

Tom Kha


1 1/2 cups Coconut Milk
2 cups Water
10 Cherry Tomatoes
8oz Button Mushrooms
8oz Firm Tofu
2oz Lemongrass
2oz Galangal
8 Kafir Lime Leaves (Frozen)
4 Cloves of Garlic
2 Chillies
4 tbsp Soy Sauce
1 tbsp Palm Sugar (Brown Sugar is fine)
2 Limes
6oz Jasmine Rice 

Chop galangal, lemongrass, Kafir lime leaves, garlic and chillies, place in saucepan and bring to boil in the coconut milk, add the water and bring to a simmer and keep there for 25 minutes. Cook the rice. Strain the cocnut broth through a sieve and discard what the sieve catches. Return to a simmer and add the halved tomatoes and the halved mushrooms, when these have become soft through, add the tofu, the soy sauce, the sugar, and the juice of 2 limes, check seasoning and serve.

Calories Calories from fat Total fat Saturated fat Trans fat Cholesterol
522 224 19.7g 19.7g 0mg 947mg
Sodium Potassium Total carbs Dietary fibre Sugars Protein
1451mg 67.8g 9.9g 16.5g 15.9g 0.52
Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron - -
19% 46% 0% 0% - -
High in manganese Very high in vitamin B6 High in vitamin C 0 0 0
Dinner Lunch

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