Kale and Avocado Sushi Rolls

Kale and Avocado Sushi Rolls

Japanese Cuisine


6 Sheets of Nori Seaweed
8oz Black Kale
1 Spring Onion
1 Cucumber
1 Avocado
3 tbsp Sesame Seeds
1 tbsp Lemon Juice
1/2 tbsp Brown Rice Vinegar
2 tbsp Sesame Oil
1 tbsp Fresh Ginger
1/2 tsp Maple Syrup
1 1/4 cups Sushi Rice
Salt and Pepper 

Cook the sushi rice according to the packet, slice the avocado and cucumber into long strips, finely chop the ginger, remove the stems from the kale leaves and chop finely, chop the spring onion, combine the cooked rice with the rice vinegar, lemon juice, sesame oil, maple syrup and a pinch of salt and pepper, stir well. Line a bamboo rolling mat with plastic wrap and place half a nori seaweed sheet on it cover that with 2cm of sushi rice. Flip it over so the rice is on the plastic, place the sliced vegetables down the centre of the nori sheet, roll the sushi mat over to encompass the vegetables, and press down tightly, repeat with all the rice and vegetables, toast the sesame seeds in a dry frying pan and serve with these scattered over the top.

Nutritional Information

Calories Calories from fat Total fat Saturated fat Trans fat Cholesterol
462 185 20.5g 3.7g 0.0g 0mg
Sodium Potassium Total carbs Dietary fibre Sugars Protein
35mg 766mg 62.7g 6.4g 2.3g 8.7g
Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron - -
178% 130% 18% 29% - -
No cholesterol Very low in sodium Low in sugar High in manganese Very high in vitamin A Very high in vitamin C
Dinner Lunch

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