Eggplant, Spinach and Chickpea Burgers

Eggplant, Spinach and Chickpea Burgers


1 Eggplant

4oz Baby Spinach
10oz Chickpeas
1 Small Onion
2 Cloves of Garlic
1oz Fresh Basil
3/4 Cup Millet Flour
2 tbsp Cashew Nuts
1 tsp Cumin
2 tbsp Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper

Preheat oven to 220°C, 430°F, slice the Eggplant into ~1cm thick rounds paint with a bit of olive oil and put in the oven for 15-20 minutes turning once half way through. While they are cooking chop the onion and garlic and sauté over a medium heat for a few minutes until golden brown. Pick the leaves from the basil stalks and discard the stalks, put the leaves to one side. Add the spinach to the cooking onion and sauté until it has become wilted, mix in the Eggplant and add the can of chickpeas, the nuts, the millet flour, and season to taste, place the mixture into a food processor and pulse till the mixture reaches a rough texture, take out and separate into 4 even sized rounds press them together, put back in the oven on a baking sheet with the remaining olive oil and cook for about 20 minutes turning midway through, serve with the basil and either a bread bun or a large lettuce leaf.

Nutritional Information
Calories Calories from fat Total fat Saturated fat Trans fat Cholesterol
488 134 1.9g 1.9g 0.0g 0mg
Sodium Potassium Total carbs Dietary fibre Sugars Protein
45mg 1240mg 74.2g 20.0g 12.2g 19.9g
Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron - -
62% 27% 14% 47% - -
Low in saturated fat No cholesterol Very low in sodium High in dietary fiber High in manganese High in vitamin A
Dinner Lunch

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